April 06, 2016


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Which Camo Patterns Do You Use?

In our current world where the options are endless, availability is not a problem, and prices are all over the board, what camo patterns do you prefer? From big game hunting to sitting in the blind during a waterfowl hunt, there is a pattern for every season and each of the species we hunt. 

Brands are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to create the "perfect" pattern, then they turn around and spend many thousands more trying to convince you that their pattern is exactly what you need. In 1986 we saw the introduction of both Mossy Oak and Realtree patterns. For years they owned the camo industry, and they did their best to innovate and create patterns that could apply in all conditions. Not all geographical areas found the patterns to be useful, and from there we saw the birth of King's Camo, as well as other brands and patterns that were trying to attract western hunters where open country hunting was more prevalent. The military has been using digital patterns for many years, and the idea of using a digital pattern for hunting has taken the world by storm. Brands like Kuiu and Sitka have seen great success over the past 5 years, and they have driven brands like Kryptek to take the digital concept even further. 

This brings us to today, where we have a literal camouflage pattern buffet in front of us to choose from. From photo realistic patterns like Realtree and Mossy Oak, to the digital designs of Sitka and Kuiu, there is truly no lack of options for hunters. 

Let us know what pattern you use, what you want to use, and what works best in the areas you hunt in. 

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