Worry Free Guarantee

We understand that buying items online can seem a little risky. Not knowing exactly how something will fit can lead many to just walk away. This is why we offer a No-Risk Purchase Policy. As long as your return is in new, unused condition, you can return or exchange it without having to pay any restocking fees, service fees, or any penalties. We want your buying experience to be as positive as your user experience.

We realize that each customer will be using our products in different terrain and in different ways. Because we cannot control all the ways our customers use their products, we are offering a general manufacturing warranty. If during the first 30 days of ownership you encounter a manufacturing issue, we will gladly return or exchange the item and make sure your issue gets resolved. We stand behind the intended use of our products and we have taken every step to make sure that the quality of manufacturing is a top priority. 

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Sizing Chart

Please reference our sizing charts found below to help in ordering the correct size of Sneek Boots and Sneek Scrubs. 

Sneek Boots 

SneekTec Sneek Boots Sizing Chart




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