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SneekTec is the industry leader in quiet technology. We are driven by a passion to eliminate sound. Our mission is to deliver products that help get you closer to your target without being detected.

In 2007 SneekTec founder Mike Barrick noticed how much noise he was making while trying to stalk a Mule Deer. Mike immediately started thinking of ways he could reduce the sound he created while moving toward his target.

He started noticing every sound he made from the sound of his footsteps breaking twigs, to the sound of his jacket going through brush, to the sound of his clothes when he drew his bow. Mike became obsessed with silence and soon came up with a revolutionary new idea for a boot silencer and the Sneek Boot was born.

Over the next 8 years Mike and his team created over 100 different Sneek Boot prototypes and spent thousands of hours of R&D in the "Lab" and in field. Mike also discovered Recoil Foam technology and tested prototypes until they had developed a combination of silent fabrics and foam that would virtually eliminate the sound of footfall.

In 2013 Mike and his team started working on scent control technology to make his products even more undetectable. After several key strategic partnerships and countless hours of research and testing the Fusion Scent Control system was developed adding another powerful level of stealth.

In 2014 Mike applied and successfully obtained the first patent for this new sound elimination technology and in 2015 he launched SneekTec and his first two products, Sneek Boots and Sneek Scrubs.

Sneek Boots eliminate the noise created by footfall in nearly all conditions and Sneek Scrubs focus on eliminating the sound of your body as it moves through brush and trees. Sneek Scrubs are light and compact and can be quickly put on over any clothing creating a silent barrier between you and your surroundings.

SneekTec is driven to be the innovator of quiet technology. Whether it's hunting, photography or law enforcement, SneekTec provides the gear that keeps you quiet and gets you closer to your target no matter what it is. 

Sizing Chart

Please reference our sizing charts found below to help in ordering the correct size of Sneek Boots and Sneek Scrubs. 

Sneek Boots 

SneekTec Sneek Boots Sizing Chart


Sneek Scrubs

SneekTec Sneek Scrubs Jacket Sizing Chart

SneekTec Sneek Scrubs Pants Sizing Chart