Hearing Ability of Poultry

In 2015, Dr. Jacquie Jacob from the University of Kentucky wrote an article that described the hearing capabilities of poultry. A paragraph from that article reads:

"Birds are able to perceive sounds more quickly than can humans. They are able to pinpoint the source of a sound by assessing the lag time between the sound's arrival at either side of the head. Due to this lag time, it is easier for birds to locate the source of a series of brief sounds than of a single continuous sound."

While a turkey is able to hear about as well as humans, their hearing is much more acute. This allows them to dial in to exactly where you are as you are calling, and they can more easily distinguish the difference between your call and the call of a real hen. 

Share your stories with us in the comments section of how you got "busted" by a turkey's hearing while hunting. Happy hunting!

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