SneekTec™ Launches Patented New Sneek Boots™

SneekTec is a company specializing in the technology of human stealth. With multi-point patents in place, SneekTec has developed a product line that lets you get closer than ever to animals in the field. By focusing on SOUND, SCENT, and SIGHT, their products offer a Triple Shied™ of protection.

Sneek Boots are a revolutionary new boot deigned to be worn over normal footgear. When hunters, photographers, and tactical personnel need to move silently they can quickly strap on Sneek Boots and move in closer than ever without being detected. Traditionally, hunters who needed to be quiet often removed their shoes and went barefoot. This wasted valuable time, exposed smelly socks, and left feet unprotected from sharp rocks and thorns. Sneek Boots are quick, easy to use, and are designed to be extremely durable. 

Sneek Boots feature

  • 25” industrial-grade Recoil Foam that absorbs impact and sound
  • replaceable liners to extend the life of each boot
  • adjustable straps for a perfect fit over any boot
  • double barrel cord locks
  • the ability to withstand miles of rugged use
  • a handy mesh storage bag
  • sound eliminating soft Berber Fleece or Silent Suede fabric

Sneek Boots are available with an optional Fusion scent control treatment; a revolutionary, new, patented process that eliminates odor-causing bacteria and will not wash out, with over 100 washes.

When not leaving a track is important, Sneek Boots offer the advantage. Sneek Boots leave very little impression and virtually no tracks. For tactical teams, not leaving a track behind can mean the difference between life and death. For hunters and trappers, not leaving tracks behind keeps their secret spots a secret.

Sneek Boots can also be used as a seat cushion while glassing for game, allowing you to sit comfortably on jagged, uncomfortable surfaces for extended periods of time.

Sneek Boots are popular with archery hunters and are just as effective for rifle and muzzleloader hunters as well. Hunters often scare game while walking into their favorite hunting spot or tree stand. Sneek Boots allow anyone the ability to move undetected through loud terrain.

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Sizing Chart

Please reference our sizing charts found below to help in ordering the correct size of Sneek Boots and Sneek Scrubs. 

Sneek Boots 

SneekTec Sneek Boots Sizing Chart




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