Pull It One More Mile (Print)

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This 16" x 20" print with 20" x 29" framed dimensions needs to be on the wall in every home. Ross Taylor was a great man. He loved his country, he loved horses, he loved his family, and he was a very hard worker. He added to this amazing print some of his own words of wisdom, which are found on the plaque below the horse. It reads:


"This photograph was taken about 1917 in an underground mine shaft. This horse was totally blind, as were all such horses due to a lifetime in total darkness. It is the most impressive image I have ever seen. It depicts the American way of life and the effort it took our forefathers to build this great country. Often, when I have been discouraged and despondent beyond words, I have looked at this picture and said to myself, I will pull it one more mile. With that attitude in mind, and with an average amount of intelligence, any person can certainly make a success of their life in this land of free enterprise."
Not only do we love this print, we also take great pride in the packaging of it to ensure that it arrives at your home without any damage. 

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