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Get yourself some of these boots!  

"I hunt Nevada which is full of noisy sage brush, pinion pine branches and needles, dry juniper needles, and rocks. These boots performed amazingly well on my 2015 archery elk hunt. The boots were a bit tough to put on but that's what kept them tight to my hunting boots and allowed me to stalk elk (side hilling, over slick rocks, up and down steep draws) without them slipping. I had zero issues with the covers coming off. I put miles on these boots and they performed great the entire time. In fact, my hunting partner repeatedly said, "I'm going to have to get me some of those" as he kept looking behind him to make sure I was still there and hadn't stopped. I harvested a 346" green score Nevada archery bull at 60 yards in an abnormally hot year with virtually no rut. I'd say they did their job." -- By Ryan Anderson


Tree stand success 

"I've been wearing Sneek Boots for the last 5 years. It is to the point where I honestly won't hunt without them. I loved all the other earlier models, but this latest version is awesome. I have also received the new Sneek Scrubs made with silent suede. Everything down to even the zippers are made with quiet in mind. They are comfortable and breathable. I have had success stalking deer but even my tree stand hunting is better because of them. I had a 200-inch, double dropper muley bedded just 50 yards above my stand. I had to get in undetected. I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without the Sneek Boots. After I got in, I quietly took them off and used them as added cushion to sit on. I wished they had the silent suede, Sneek Scrubs that year, because that buck heard my clothes rub when I drew my bow back. I still was able to harvest him, but I can't tell you just how big of a difference the scrubs make even drawing a bow back. Oh, and check this out, they are treated with Fusion. It is better than any other stuff out there as far as scent elimination. The silver doesn't wash out over time, because it is fused with gold. Way cool. Definitely triple protection (sound, scent, sight). Way to go SneekTec, you just keep coming back with better and better products." -- By Robert Barrick


Very quiet and worth every penny!

"These boot silencers work great. I tested in my back yard by walking on broken branches and dried leaves, rather than hearing breaking / crunching noises as I expected, instead it was muffled or soundless. Due to the padding on the bottom it wouldn't snap dried branches but would conform around it making no noise which I am highly pleased with. I can't wait to try these during the archery hunt." -- By D. Styler 


These boots are actually really cool!

"Haven't used them too much yet, only turkey hunting once, and was really impressed with how they felt. They give you a spring to your step. Most importantly I was super quite with them on. I cannot wait to chase some big bucks with these boots. Maybe I will finally get close enough to the big boys I can never out smart." -- By Christopher Johnson


We love them and have recommended them to everyone we know

"These have been all my husband has talked about. We love them and have recommended them to everyone we know going out on the hunt this year. We tried them out in the brush and they work awesome!! Can't wait to use them on the hunt this season!!" -- By Erika Haney


Great product for any archery hunter.

"Took them out for opening day of archery season. They are amazing. Arizona pine needles and dry ground are very noisy. The Sneek Boots dramatically muffled each step. My hunting buddies are getting some as soon as we get home." -- By Dr. B



"I bought some for my dad for Father’s Day; he loved them! He couldn't wait to try them out so he put them on and started walking in the freshly stoned driveway – we heard NOTHING. He can't wait to try them hunting! I might just have to get a pair for myself!" -- By Erica


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