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Think of these boots as our original Sneek Boot Pro boots on steroids. We listened to all of your suggestions and applied them to these new Sneek Boots. We wrapped the webbing completely around the boot bottom to give unmatched durability to seams and tension points. We dropped the mesh carry bag and replaced it with a elastic band for better compression and space savings. And we did all of this while keeping the weight at 10 oz per pair.

    We are proud to say that our products are made in the USA!

    • Thick Polar Fleece bottom with limited stretch for added durability.
    • New top design makes Sneek Boots even easier to put on.
    • G-Hook attachment over ankle for easy adjusting and connecting.
    • Durable Soft Shell fabric on top of the boot for added wear resistance.

    We have made every effort to make sure that our sizing is as accurate as possible. We have spent hours inside of sporting goods stores measuring boots and having customers give us weird looks. Sneek Boots are designed to fit your boots tightly, but your soles should not extend past the ends of the Sneek Boots. If you feel like your pair of Sneek Boots does not properly fit your hunting boots, please let us know and we will help you get fitted with the appropriate size. You have no risk, with our FREE SHIPPING, FREE EXCHANGES Worry Free Guarantee! 

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